Mono_1MONO 3030 is one of the alias of Miguel Antonio, California-based artist, graphic designer, DJ, and tattoo artist. Formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, MONO 3030 gathers most of his artistic influence from his life experiences and interactions. With roots in Tijuana, upbringing in East Los Angeles and Oxnard, MONO 3030 serves as a countercultural agent aiming to push societal and cultural boundaries and provoke emotional and psychological responses through his work. His unique style of utilizing traditional art elements and blending them with modern trends and technology has given him the opportunity to work on a large spectrum of projects successfully crossing industry limits. Known for his creative intuition and keen eye to detail, MONO 3030 has led projects across industries with his work represented in the Fashion, Fitness, Music, Food and Entertainment Industry. MONO 3030 is currently a resident DJ at El Rey Cantina, the United States Liason for Master Source Global, Art Director for Blue PMG and Owner of Mono Graphics.

I do what I love because I love it. Not because I have to do it, nor am forced to do it, but rather passionate about doing what I do. I firmly believe in having set style tones, yet a sense of diversity to make any project unique to the demands that are set forth.